Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vladik Shibanov

Thursday , October 22 , 2009 . Weather , speed and tires to blame in Vlad's death . More details have emerged surrounding the untimaly death of our friend , Vladik Shibanov . This blog has been created by my in memory of Vladik's life . All information is below . On October 20 , the World a little less vibrant . We lost a remarcable young man , whose natural smile and personality was infectious . Our pain will be felt for many more days , months and even years to come . But take comfort in knowing that . If you believe in it , somewhere "up there" he is making all those he meets smile and Laugh . His body is gone , but his soul lives on . (This is the one of the first comment which was written after Vladik's death , on October 20 2009)

Alushta . Ukraine . It was a sunny and mild autumn day with a slight breeze . On any other Saturday , it would  have been called perfect . Flanked by family , countless  friends and even strangers , Vladik Shibanov was laid to rest on October 24 . In this small resort town of 30 000 many turned out to say their final farewell to a boy taken from us too suddenly . As Vlad's family wept , one could not help but feel the pain and sorrow . You did not have to be related or even know Vlad to see the influence this boy had on people . His friends from university stood by Vlad's side stoically fighting back tears , some failing but putting on a brave face as most teens do . His younger sister could barely stand as she watched her idol get lowered into the ground....
Two years as our friend Vladik Shibanov is gone as a result of the car accident happend on October 20 / 2009 . It's a big tragedy for Vlad's family and Vlad's friends . He was born in Alushta town , where he spent his childhood . Vladik very loved his town with its nature . He loved the mountains and the Black Sea . This blog has been created by me for Vlad's memory . There will be a birthday of Vladik Shibanov on December 29 and i am going to create my last film in memory of our friend with the name "Vladik Shibanov's years of life" ....

OCTOBER 20, 2009 - More details have emerged surrounding the untimely death of our friend, Vladik Shibanov. In the late hours of October 20, 2009, Vladik and a group of school friends met for a late night get together. Around 10:50pm local time, Vladik and a school friend identified only as a "champion go-cart racer" from Alushta broke away from the group to head home. Vladik, being the generous kid he was, offered a ride to his friend in his new car - a black 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander purchased in September of this year. Vlad loved his new car and was proud to show it off (pictured left). Vlad also loved speed. As the rain poured down, and visibility decreased because of fog, Vlad's speed increased. The vehicle's tires, designed for sparse recreational use only, already worn down from the rough Crimean terrain were to be replaced a week prior. What little tread was left was not enough to keep Vlad on the road at the speed he was travelling. Vlad lost control, hitting a concrete divider. He died instantly. MVD officials say speed, weather and poor tires were the ultimate cause of the accident. Alcohol was not a factor. In a cruel twist of fate, his friend never lost consciousness during the entire ordeal. As emergency personnel worked for nearly an hour to cut Vlad from the car, his friend not only suffered from physical pain but the pain of seeing Vlad laying beside him. Vlad's friend remains in critical but stable condition suffering from spinal, chest and head injuries. He is expected to pull through. Born into a humbled home, Vladik's circle of friends included the rich and elite of Crimea. But he never accepted handouts from his wealthy friends. Vlad carried his weight, and while his mates got weekly allowances from their parents, Vlad worked hard to keep up a lifestyle he so adored. Vlad leaves behind Mummy, Daddy and his baby Sister. He also leaves behind thousands of friends all over the world. As his family and friends prepare for a private burial on Saturday October 24, Vlad's extended family and friends around the world begin 40 days of mourning in honor of the boy many of them haven't met. Clearly evident is Vlad's popularity from the comments posted here. What is it that touched your heart and obliged you to comment here? Please follow our blog and sign the Book of Condolence
                                                            RIP VLADIK SHIBANOV        
He was beautiful, intelligent, outgoing and free and knew it. Wise way beyond his years, he knew how to take advantage of it. He helped support his family and eventually saved enough to buy a car. He loved his car and went everywhere in it and was proud to show it off. This was not a handout or a gift from his parents. This was a car he bought and earned. And for once, his friends were jealous of him. Vad had a girl friend, as strong and free as he. Like an old married couple, they fought all the time. But like an old married couple, they were soul mates. Vlad knew he could be with no one else. They were to grow old together and make beautiful children Vlad loved to travel. He loved adventures. He loved being a tour guide and showing people around Alushta. But Vlad thought of his friends too much. He would always rush to meet up with them. He loved life and feeling invincible - like most 18-year-olds. Vlad was an adult, with adult responsibilities, but still very much a kid.


  1. Very nice Video but sad Photos..........Vladik we miss you all the Time.......

  2. Hi Vladik.....You are in our Hearts forever and we think about you all the Time.....

    1. I did not know vladik personally
      only through his photographs
      and naturism but since his death
      i have lit a candle for him every
      year.he had such a warm smile

  3. I never knew Vladik but I have seen his picture so many times. He always looked so happy and full of life in them. He always had that wonderful smile. From what I have been reading from his friends and family he was a wonderful young man. Vladik will really be missed by people all over the world.

  4. Dear Vlad! You are our angel! We really miss you. You were and will remain for us a sunny boy, boy - smile. Rest in peace dear Vlad. We will remember you always. RIP (((((

  5. Vladik you are in my rememberings all the time . R.I.P

  6. Hi Vladik...Please save my Friend ALEX all the time and take care of him. We all remember you every day and pray for you.

  7. Two years have passed since Vladik was suddenly taken from his us, his family and his friends; many of these friends from around the world never had the chance to meet him. But today,20th October, we all will unite in reliving the fateful moment two years ago when we heard the tragic news of our loss. Tonight I will be lighting a candle in Vladiks honour and memory. Sleep in peace Angel,you will never be forgotten.

  8. два года, сегодня, Влад, Мир пра́ху его́.
    We will always remember you, you made our lives better Vlad, Rest in Peace.

  9. another year.
    it seems different, vlad knew he had to end it. or maybe not, maybe subconisously waiting, the spirit not yet ends or dies, but float carelessly and lesiourly . adrift in some vastness waiting for a few friends to join and make their way somewhere else
    we remember two tragic accidents that have happened on this date need not to try to find words
    just let the stoned take over

  10. Hi Vladik....We miss you so much.....RIP Vladik...We remember you all the time...

  11. Another year gone by but it still hurts!!
    Very few postings this year.....hope the world does not forget our Vlad!!

  12. I do not know Vlad, but from what I've seen so far
    he seems to be a great person

    R.I.P Vlad

  13. Vladik We are missing you so much, why did you have to go, i believe that you are with us <3333 Владик нам не хватает вас так много, почему ты должен идти, любовь супруга и я думаю, что вы со всеми нами <3333

  14. Владик нам не хватает вас так много, почему ты должен идти, любовь супруга и я думаю, что вы со всеми нами <3333

  15. you're in the hearts of your friends vlad
    i'm so sad for this lost even if i haven't meet him

    rest in peace Vladik .

    greeting from algeria

  16. histoire tres triste, dieu existe-il? c'est tres injuste,il inspirait la joie de vivre,un gentil garçon, son sourire, ses amis,il ne méritait pas ça, peu importe ses activités ça ne regardait que lui, paix à son âme.
    Where is the Vladik'grave and where Vladik is born?

  17. Спасибо за восстановление моих детских воспоминаний.
    Спасибо за вашу помощь в восстановлении вашей личности
    Спасибо за дружбу.
    В этом году будет держать свое слово. Я останусь рядом с тобой.
    Я потерял всех, кого я любил.

    Мне жаль людей, которые скрывали от меня правду о Вас.
    Oleg Jushkin

  18. I will never forget:
    your smile, the joy of life and the great help I received from you.
    Even though so I can thank you.

    Rafal N.
    For Alex
    Still looking for their grandparents Oleg's J. Alex help him.

  19. just a few days ago i was revealed who he was by watching youtube videos. thats very sad and it brings tears to my eyes.

  20. I,m Ciota Locha (Bogusław) Vladik was very good and fine boy.

  21. Where is his grave, does anybody knows?

    RIP Vladik, you are in our hearts.

    from Mexico.

  22. gostaria de visitar o túmulo de vladik, como faço pra ir lá? Brasil

  23. I don't like this post very much, but thankyou for remembering him, I don't like it because it where it all happened

    1. I understand What you are feeling . Me too.

  24. Nikolaos Guran di romania are sincere condoleatea

  25. Je my opravdu moc lito co se stalo,Vladik byl priklad pro vsecky mlade generace lidi,jeho nehoda zasahla mnen sameho:( opravdu od nas odesel moc dobry hlapec a inspirace,buh ti zehnej vlado :(

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  27. As long as we remember, Vladik will never be forgotten. Who knows why fate took him away from us. But, I will NEVER forget. When the sorrow becomes heavy I remember the poem, "Do not stand at my grave and weep" He is not in that cemetery. He is now everywhere; in the sunrise, the sunset, the wind, the gentle breeze that cools us on a hot day. I will never forget him. Please you do not forget him either.

  28. Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there. I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awaken in the morning's hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there. I did not die.

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. We miss you, dear Vladik ... Today you would complete 22 yo ... Wherever you are may God bless you, golden boy ! ... You were a beautiful and graceful boy and had good temper ... We will remember you forever, dear Vladik! (Irvin, from Brazil)

  31. Hard to believe 22 years old!! Today our young friend would be a man!

    Only memories now! Even his fans seem to have disappeared!


  32. he is not in the hearts of many and he will not forgeten

  33. Vladik I miss you alot I remember forever u in my heart
    I love you vladik

  34. Stupide accident,
    tu resteras dans nos pensées et nos coeurs pour longtemps et je pense, aussi longtemps que la photo existera.
    Tu nous a fait partager ta joie de vivre et tu continuras meme pour les générations à venir ...
    Tu as rejoint le royaume des anges.

  35. Salve a tutti ho 16 anni, sono Italiano.
    Mi interesso molto della russia e sono 2 anni che ho saputo della storia di Vladik Shibanov ...
    Non ho capito perché era così famoso. E che lui nel 2009 aveva 19 anni quando é morto nel famoso incidente in Crimea.

  36. I'm sorry for ya'lls lost. I cried when i saw this video,i didn't know him but i have seen his pictures also.He looked so happy in all of the pictures.Like i said i'm sorry for ya'lls ost. :(

  37. Vladik we love you and miss you.

    1. Thanks Tom . You have been remembering Vladik for all these years .

  38. Its four year ago, gone but not forgotten, i light a candle for you my friend, we love you.

    Hugzz Steven

    1. Thanks Steven . Vladik is gone four years ago but we remember him all these years .

  39. october 20th.... 2009, it seems like i woke up and heard about the sad news on azovfilms website today. but its been 4 years, there's no explaination dude, your were simply a beautiful person, full of life and laughter. you brought color to alot of peoples eyes that they have never seen. i only hope that someday ill find in my life , what you had all along.

    "Fly high Free Bird"

  40. And to the anoymous who said his fans even seem to dissappear. NEVER! he is a few years older than me, and i will never forget , its simply too depressing to think about.

    when im suicidal... i think about how much joy a boy like vladik, or me could bring to the world.
    he's my elvis presley , and a "real good looking boy"

  41. Я тоже помянул его вечерком. Единственное, что хоть как то успокаивает, так это вера в реинкарнацию...

    1. I trust this thing too . Thanks for your comment .

  42. Four years have passed and we will never forget you, Vladik ... Yes, the Mass for his "fourth year of death" will be held here too (Brazil) next weekend ... God bless you wherever you are, dear Vladik !
    (BLB, alias Irvin)

    1. Thanks Alias Irvin for these warm words about Vladik .

  43. I just happened to be on youtube and found Vladik, little did I know that I will not see him in new videos. May you rest in peace and God will keep you safe with Him, R.I.P. Valdik.

  44. For Vladik Shibanov ; Always in our thoughts - forever in our hearts , marc

  45. R i p vladik you are always in my heart
    you will be sadly missed.from ray in

  46. To Vladik and your family and friends I only know you from what I have seen here. I can tell by the videos that you are a very sad loss to this world . I know that you will be waiting for your love ones because that is the type of friend , son ,brother you are. I never met you but I even miss you

    Love D. S.

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  51. paix a ton ame Vlad

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  53. Such a sad story I feel for the parents of this Beautiful Angel May God Bless And Keep Him, The universe lost a very bright star.

  54. He was very young to die and sorry to be miss by his fans at a young age.

  55. Its 5 years since vladik tragic death I lite a candle for him today
    As I have done every year I am a big fan of vladik he will be
    Sadly missed by all his fans who loved him

  56. Vladik, we miss you and hope you enjoy your life in heaven!

  57. Not a day will go by without us thinking and talking about you sweet Владик.
    Because the world must forever remember
    your incredible beauty,
    your great personality,
    your striking charisma
    and that wonderful smile.
    And if there is a life after this
    please make time for those who will forever bare you in their hart.
    Until such time we pray until the perfect day.


    A thousand times we've needed you
    A thousand times we've cried
    If love alone could save a life
    You never would have died
    The parting was so sudden
    We always wondered why
    The hardest thing is still today
    We've never said goodbye
    Your heart of gold stopped beating
    Your sweet eyes closed to rest
    God broke our hearts to prove us
    He only took the best!
    We know you had to leave us
    But you didn't go alone
    For part of us went with you
    The day He took you home
    If all the world was ours to give

    We'd give it and much more
    To see you coming up the steps
    And walking through the door
    Then joining us in all our years
    To take away the pain and tears
    Unseen, unheard, yet always near
    Still loved, still missed, still very dear
    To hear your voice and see your smile
    To sit with you and talk a while
    To be with you that same old way
    That's our dream,
    .............................our perfect day.

    We love but lost you dear, wonderful Владик.
    We still mourn after five years, but above all we celebrate your remembrance.
    It is hardly a consolation.
    Rest In Peace Влад.
    God bless you.
    Forever in our hearts.
    October 20, 2009
    October 20, 2014

  58. from south-america Peru- te conoci muy tarde, a traves de las fotos que publicaron tus amigos. Teniasla sonrisa mas bella del mundo. Habria dado mucho por conocerte, hasta soñe contigo mirandote en la playa. Espero encontrarte en el mas alla, no lo dudo. Descansa en Paz Vladik Hasta Pronto y protege a tus padres, hermana y amigos desde el cielo.

  59. Always in our hearts. Happy Birthday Vladik. Max from Peru.

  60. From Hong Kong to Vladik with love and admiration.

    He touched the hearts of tens of thousands through AZOV films.

    Too young to realize the dangers of speed, Vladik left us far too soon.

    This young Crimean lad typified the beauty, youth and vitality of boyhood. For that, and so much more, we will be eternally grateful.

  61. I only recently "met" Vladik through the videos on Youtube and the info on this site and others. I am saddened that his life was cut short. He seems to have inspired many people with his kindness, funloving ways, and charm. I will remember him each year. My heart goes out to his family, I know that his absence will always leave a hole that cannot be filled in their hearts. God Bless from America.

  62. I have two photos from our Vladik, I will like to send you both pictures. Please give me an Email address. With love from Peru, SouthAmerica. Max.
    My Email is Thanks

  63. Vladik forever :)

  64. The accident scene doesn't seem to reflect the full weight of Vladik's Mitsubishi smashing into it at a force that would result in the totally demolished vehicle we see in the post-accident photos. Did Vladik die in that vehicle under those circumstances? Or maybe somewhere else and under other circumstances? Hundreds of thousands loved Vladik. Someone needs to ask the right questions.

  65. R.I.P. beautiful and lovely Angel :-( Katja

  66. R.I.P. beautiful and lovely Angel :-( Katja

  67. I miss him so much Katja, his Smile was unbelievable. Maxie.

  68. I know he is still with us, waiting on Heaven. Max.

  69. From ralf prehler (moved comment) Fri May 27, 11:58:00 AM PDT

    very nice photo and nice video......

  70. From ralf prehler (moved comment) Sat Jun 04, 10:30:00 AM PDT

    In our Hearts he lives forever.............

  71. From Anonymous (moved comment) Sun Oct 09, 03:27:00 AM PDT

    здоров'я, я б попросила контакти Ігор можливості мого emajl спасибі знав уряд тут і Ігор говорив дуже часто, тому я хотів є знайомі

  72. From Anonymous (moved comment) Mon Mar 05, 07:50:00 PM PST

    Gone from this earth but not our hearts. We shall always think of vladik when the sun shine on all of us.

  73. From JeZ (moved comment) Sat May 26, 01:56:00 PM PDT

    R.I.P. Vladik, you was my best before and now you are my star, my Angel in the sky. You will be always in my heart forever and each 20 October I think to you and I pray for your soul protect your family, your best friends and all your fans like me.

    I'm 22 years now and I had a big dream before your tragic accident. I wanted go to Alushta after my university for meet you if possible !

    Never my dream will be heightened but according to a proverb of my country, Canada, God reminds people he needed near him. You were a generous guy, compassionate, a loyal friend who gave more to others than yourself.

    It is for these qualities that God needed an angel like you to him. Take care of all who need of you to be at peace.

  74. From Darek Mazur (moved comment) Sat Dec 14, 12:38:00 AM PST

    Poznalem Go dopiero kilka dni temu na necie... Nie wierze,ze On nie zyje!!!

  75. From Anonymous (moved comment) Mon Mar 31, 11:39:00 AM PDT

    Just like River Phoenix,gone far too soon and missed by so many,but you and your love of life will live on in your films.

  76. From Catholic student Standard 5 faithfully (moved comment) Mon Apr 14, 07:10:00 PM PDT

    Every life has a glow of feelings. No other blossom of soul can reach your unique way. Blessed is Vladik and his pain he went throughout his journey of freedom. May the glory of heaven and spirit of white angels rescue him. He can be remembered in a lifetime of sorrow and joy but he'll remember the times he had enjoyed. He shall cherish the pain and remain peacefully. Blessed are those who mourned for him especcially his parents just like Mary the Virgin (and Women Of Jerusalem) wept for him. May his extradinary childhood life be remembered thoughtfully- by Catholic Class Student, Church in Puchong. Std 4 (9 Year old) Amen.

  77. From ralf prehler (moved comment) Sat Jul 16, 08:23:00 PM PDT

    Hi Vladik......please bless my friend Alex all the Time....

  78. From kenny mulroy (moved comment) Thu Dec 27, 01:26:00 PM PST
    nice vids pity he died such a nice lad

  79. From Anonymous (moved commentI Sun Apr 14, 09:13:00 AM PDT
    Never be forgotten .

  80. From Anonymous (moved comment) Sun Oct 20, 02:32:00 AM PDT
    Another year has gone. I haven't known you before you passed away, but it seems to be you were a kid who was really worth to know. You'll always be remembered and someday you'll see your friends back again.

    Have a great time in heaven, Vladik! Спи спокойно, дорогой товарищ!

  81. From Toni White (moved comment) Sun Oct 20, 05:20:00 AM PDT
    We love you and miss you Vladik. You are always in our hearts.

  82. From Vladik Bio (moved comment) Fri Nov 22, 06:58:00 AM PST
    Vladik always reminds me of my own son;s who were born around the same time . I think of his family his mom and dad and how this tragic event has affected them . The loss of a child ; and he was still a teenager for any parent is a loss that they will never get over . May God keep you safe in his arms Vladik Shibanov and look after your family. my love and deep respect , marc

  83. From Darek Mazur (moved comment) Sat Dec 14, 12:49:00 AM PST
    Nie wierze,ze On nie zyje!!!

  84. From ralf prehler (moved comment) Tue Nov 29, 08:47:00 AM PST
    Hi Vladik...we will meet us when our time is come....we miss you so much and we allways remember you. I know you have a nice place in heaven and you are looking to us and smile. Much thanks to you Alex for your lovely Friendchip.....

  85. From Anonymous (moved comment) Thu Dec 29, 12:31:00 PM PST
    Vlad would have turned 21 today!!

    Miss his charismatic pics all over the web!!


  86. From Anonymous (moved comment) Sun Apr 29, 01:04:00 AM PDT
    r.i.p. vlad, we will all meet in heaven. he wouldnt want you to have grief towards him, he would want you to enjoy your life, like he enjoyed his.

  87. From chickenwangz (moved comment) Sun Apr 29, 01:09:00 AM PDT
    idk you, but i cried for you, and hopefully we can meet in heaven, i need someone nice and caring to be around, this world has been cruel to me.

  88. From Anonymous (moved comment) Fri Aug 31, 09:24:00 PM PDT
    This may sound crazy but I put Vladik Shibanov in a class with Michelangelo's David. It's such a great shame we lost such a wonderful human being at such an early age.

  89. From JuraSat (moved comment) Oct 06, 12:32:00 AM PDT
    Vlad, I will miss you... I miss you and the years we spent together was great... I am sorry it was in a way that wasnt pleasent for u me, devin, mika, sasha and others, but i had some good memories with you. I dont believe you killed yourself... and i will see to it that your uncles are put away for life... even if they find out i am still alive. Natasha will as well be put away, i promise you! -Jura

  90. From ender silva (moved comment) Thu Dec 06, 08:30:00 AM PST
    what give life to his body was his soul only the body has been taken from us, his soul still lives, Vladik still lives, for his soul lives in heaven, the next stage of live, and when we are born unto his new life, we will be with Vladik again, forever, love you my brother, ender Vladik always be remembered and never be forgotten,

  91. From Anonymous (moved comment) Tue Mar 05, 04:30:00 PM PST
    One of life's most difficult questions is the "Why!" of the loss of such beloved young person. I guess that only God can answer that question and I believe that when, and if I get an opportunity ot ask Him that, the answer will make perfect sense. Now it does not! I add to the other comment about Vladik's spirit still being with us, you are right. Just feel the breeze, stand in the sunlight, and look at the stars and you will know that he is still, and always will, be with us. That belief is what will get us through. Listen to John Denvers song, Fire and Wings and you will understand.

  92. From Anonymous (moved comment) Sat Apr 13, 09:05:00 AM PDT
    Who is/ was this boy, why he's uncles in trouble?

  93. From Anonymous (moved comment) Fri Dec 27, 11:16:00 AM PST

  94. From Anonymous (moved comment) Mon Feb 24, 03:46:00 PM PST
    I will miss you so much vladik but i know you are in heaven.and thats
    were i hope to meet you some day
    will always miss your warm smile

  95. From felix studer (moved comment) Sat Apr 12, 09:41:00 AM PDT
    i love boy

  96. From felix studer (moved comment) Thu Jul 17, 10:34:00 PM PDT switzerland

  97. From Anonymous (moved comment) Sat Oct 18, 11:43:00 PM PDT
    you miss us Vladik

  98. From Anonymous (moved comment) Sat Oct 18, 11:44:00 PM PDT
    you miss us Vladik.

  99. From ralf prehler (moved comment) Sat Oct 29, 02:50:00 AM PDT
    Very nice Photos.......Much thanks to you Alex....

  100. From Pacificisland (moved comment) Sun Oct 30, 12:16:00 PM PDT
    Yeah I agree Thanks Alex!!

    Pity so many followers and fans of Vladik seem to have disappeared this year!!

  101. From Vladik Bio (moved comment) Sat Nov 23, 03:14:00 AM PST
    Im sure Vladik is still very much in their hearts ; sometimes people just don;t know what to say at times like this .

  102. From Anonymous (moved comment) Tue Nov 15, 08:14:00 PM PST
    Hi Alex,

    I would like to talk to you about your blog. I have one in memory of vladik also. Please if you would contact me at

  103. From Anonymous (moved comment) Mon Nov 21, 04:23:00 PM PST
    Vladik dont is dead!

  104. From ralf prehler (moved comment) Tue Nov 22, 08:38:00 AM PST
    In our memories Vladik will liver for ever...

  105. From Anonymous (moved comment) Sat Nov 26, 12:16:00 PM PST
    peopl who kindly revised on the death of Vladik, I was in recently and went to the Crimea where he claimed to be the tomb of Vladika, the grave and there is even a kid of the characteristics of Vladik was buried at the site during the month of dat accident Azov films that lied about the tomb of Vladik? begin to imagine that the company knew it would close shortly after the death of anucio Vladik, perhaps this would have been a marketing ploy with intent to sell more movies before the site goes down

  106. From Vladik Bio (moved comment) Sat Nov 23, 03:24:00 AM PST
    My friend i have also been to the ukraine on a visit ; so i know a little about the country . Im glad that you took the time to visit Vladiks grave . I also want to do this on my next vist . Please don;t listen to the media misinformation about this tragic event being no more than a hoax . Sadly it is very true ; that we have lost him. pray for Vladik and his family . marc

  107. From ralf prehler (moved comment) Sun Nov 27, 10:49:00 AM PST
    Hi Vlad .......we miss you so much...Please save my Friend Alex and look at him from heaven...R.I.P. our Friend

  108. From Anonymous (moved comment) Mon Nov 28, 12:52:00 PM PST
    That's very sad . I have my tears when i see Vladik's photos . I ll not forget you Vladik Shibanov . R.I.P

  109. From Anonymous (moved comment) Fri Dec 30, 05:58:00 PM PST
    De qualquer forma vladik teria desaparecido devido ao fim da azov filmes,assim como os seus amigos que nunca mais foram vistos ou mencionados, muitos misterios ronda em torno a morte de vlad. De qualquer forma espero que ele esteja bem onde quer que ele esteja.

  110. From Anonymous (moved comment) Fri Dec 30, 06:00:00 PM PST
    a sim esqueci de mencionar, ontem ele completou 21 anos, parabéns vladik

  111. From ralf prehler (moved comment) Mon Mar 26, 06:53:00 AM PDT
    HI Alex....Happy Birthday my Friend and make God stay with you at all your ways....Vladik is proud about you when he see your very nice Blog and your very nice Videos. ...your Friend Ralf

  112. From Samy1494 (moved comment) Tue Apr 10, 12:56:00 AM PDT
    He's so cute <3 Rip lil angel :)

  113. From ender (moved comment) Sun Jul 29, 09:22:00 PM PDT
    my friend Alex what was Vladik middle name, please I like to know,

    Hello Vladik, the pain of loseing you has never healed, it never will, I thougth I let you know I love you as a brother, with a brother love that always more and never less, you are miss dearly and deeply, no one can take your place, no one ever will. with my love, a brother,

  114. From ender (moved comment) Sun Jul 29, 09:57:00 PM PDT
    alex vladik is mine, if you have photos I can put there to remember Vladik so more will see please send to me,
    I loved him too, will send a special photo I made of him to you May this blog never end, for It's only beginning, to grow May GOd bless Alex and kept him safe and well. For we love him too, with love a brother,

  115. From tijarus (moved comment) Sat Oct 20, 09:11:00 AM PDT
    I want complete photo sets of Vladik Shibanov, his videos if possible.
    How to get that. I had once but lost all. I can not manage my emotions on not getting him any more. :(

  116. From ender silva (moved comment) Thu Dec 06, 08:19:00 AM PST
    thank you for this post of Vladik he was born in a new life, what give life to the body was his soul and his body my be gone from us but his soul still lives, let Vladik live in our hearts and walk with us in our dreams, alway remembered and never forgotten, for Vladik soul will never die, but will live in Heaven forever. and may the love of Vladik be forever...let books be written and photo journal be publish, of his life, telling the world of Vladik, may they fill the book shelves and libeary of the world,

  117. From Andrei Zholudzeu ( moved comment) Mon May 27, 10:59:00 AM PDT
    Владюха ты самый дорогой для меня человечек сколько ты спасал меня и не разу не попрекнул мне тебя так не хватает ангелочек мой братишка я всё помню я нечего не забыл мне так плохо без тебя

  118. From LYKURGOS (moved comment) Sun Jul 07, 12:21:00 AM PDT
    AZOV-Films bestellen bei

  119. From Anonymous (moved comment) Thu Sep 12, 08:17:00 PM PDT
    I am still very sad about his death. I would lay on the floor and cry a river of tears if only he could live again. Vladik was a beautiful boy in every way. The world just isn't the same without his bright spirit and beautiful smile. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. There is so much sadness, may God have mercy on us all.

  120. From Anonymous (moved comment) Fri Mar 14, 05:04:00 AM PDT
    RIP Vladik

  121. From raymond devitt (moved comment) Sat Oct 25, 11:46:00 AM PDT
    I had the pleasure of being introduced to vladik shibanov in 2008 when I was in alushta and he was a wonderful young man full of fun rest in peace sweet vlad I will never forget you I light a candle for you every year

  122. From Anonymous (moved comment) Sat Nov 29, 06:32:00 AM PST
    I was a truly sensational looking boy.One of the greats in the world of Boylove. He was just perfect in everyway...something you don't come across all the often. I verily loved this boy. It's all so very sad!
    Stephen E

  123. From da-vid (moved comment) Thu Apr 23, 12:26:00 AM PDT
    I looking for a Vladik pics without sensure if you know where i can found it tell me please!!

  124. Last 55 comments have been moved by me from deleted pages .

  125. Dear Vladik, very soon are going to be 6 years of tears and pain. Be good in Heaven and look for your friends. We miss you so much Vladik Maxie from Peru..

  126. I liked him, his vids. sucks that that happened... i know some soke out aganst the Avoz guy, but did he? they seem happy in vids, playing with eachother etc did any parents ever defend the guy taking pic's/vid's? i know one dad didn't, really angry.

  127. Thinking of you Vlad, so sorry you're not here. I miss you.


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